The Wedd Lounge Toronto has some amazing insights into couples proposals and wedding stories, as well as creating some amazing content offering help and advice for wedding planners, organisers and the happy couples themselves. It was an honour to be asked to help out with their WeddTip video series, where I joined Reshma in offering a range of wedding tips in a series of short videos.

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We had a blast making these videos, and they came out great:

The Wedd Lounge – Season 2 – Promo

WEDDTip#1 The Hashtag Wedding

WeddTip#2 – The Wedding Rehearsal

WeddTip#3 The House Chores

WeddTip#4 Uncle Photographer

WeddTip#5 Que Sera, Sera

WeddTip#6 Meal for a Guy

WeddTip#7 Guest Etiquette

WeddTip#8 Bossy Family & Friends

WeddTip#9 Shopping with Guys

WeddTip#10 Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

WeddTip#11 NeverEnding Speeches