On the eve of a new decade, I have done a lot of reflection on the progression of my role as a professional Wedding MC and the creation of I AM ALL TALK ®. In 2010, I was exiting from a different era into what was then the beginning of my role in the wedding industry. What a ride it has been!! From booking myself as a side kick to the DJ…to being booked all around the world. From working with many great entertainment teams… to building an amazing team of Emcees @iamalltalkmc. Brand building and emcee awareness dominated this decade. 10 years ago, it was rare to find a professional emcee at a wedding, but now we are a very essential part of the wedding planning process. I have been truly blessed to do what I do all over this world. I have met so many great people and vendors in my travels as a professional host. But it is far from over. The 2020’s is all about the next step! Happy New Decade to all of you! Cheers to your happiness and health!
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