Back in July, it was brought to my attention that the @acsatoronto was in dire need of food.  They posted a picture on social media showing the empty shelves in their food bank. This truly struck my heart.  So, on one of my travels from New York to Toronto, I contacted @neilforester who was working closely with them and offered to help.  Neil gave me a timeline to work with and told me that September would be the best time to campaign.
This particular food bank is in the east end of the GTA.  Immediately, I thought of how all the Tamil Wedding Vendors I know, live in the east end!  So, the idea that came to mind was to create 3 different teams of vendors.  Together, on Instagram, we would all share the information about what has happened to the food bank and what the food bank needed on their shelves.
Our Goals were to:
1) Generate Awareness;
2) Promote Understanding; and
3) most importantly, Collect Food for the Food Bank.
Well, what can I tell you!! Right off the bat, the message spread quickly and the donations started rolling in.  I told Neil that my initial goal was to raise 12-15 barrels of food.  At the end of the campaign, we collected almost 20 times our expectations!! I would like to thank immensely all of the Tamil Wedding Vendors who were involved in this project.  You are all remarkable human beings.  I was an outsider in your very close-knit group, but you welcomed me and treated me just like family!! Thank you all for all the hard work and dedication during this campaign.  And thank you to all of your supporters for supporting this campaign

We all worked together to help fight hunger in our City. 🙏 I hope this campaign will inspire others to make a positive difference in their communities.
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